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Christine Hume
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What Became of the Company You’ve Kept, According to One Who Left
Tourist: re-enacts her 91 days on a raft

Man Stabbed by his Wife: shows up later with a deer on a leash

Blurry Swarm of Wind: remains attracted by dark clothing and plagued by bad dreams

Pregnant Woman: checks the sky on the way back to the truck and insists on moving the
     town inland before the sea ambushes it

Surveyor: grows a tail to help get his body get down a mountain at night

Silence: filibusters again as if anyone cared; tinkers with phlogiston inhalants until the
     town goes wiggy

Whirlpool: ingests a giant cedar and inspires fear on the aits and among the jilted

Carpenter: after hearing rats, goes ashore half-dead with a disreputable disease

Incipient Doxy: forks her thumb in an industrial accident

King of Infinite Space: makes time stretch out unbearably between horizon and fire

Stranger-the-first: sings a groggy Communism song in the local dive; marries a certain
     wolf woman

Insomniac: suffers her fixed lights and mental horses by planning elaborate apologies;
     keeps warm by becoming a self-embarrassing machine

Mother: has a lacework of shallow shifting mists in an abandoned town named after her

Song: makes smoke of laughter and lousy affection

Mad Captain: monkeys around to keep the magnet off; spots new personifications of god

Mallard Girl: insists it was a mistake

Dead Body: lost

Army Brat: plants large yellow poppies to hide a cliff

Mastodon: grows irresistibly infatuated with large yellow poppies

Replacement Crew: over jacks the wind-chill

Suspect-the-second: your touch replaces her with something realistic

Ice Queen: takes the position of postmaster 99783 and holds a broken mirror up to your
     correspondences. Changing the words, putting holes and opposition
     into them. Into the correspondences that had been kind.

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