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Chelsey Minnis
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Mildred, beautiful, like a harpoon

Mildred, my heart is hardened...

Mildred, the scalloped edge of your almond green leather

Mildred, with a stained shirt-front, Mildred,with a silk gag in the mouth

Mildred, drills are drilling all night long holes for your eye to look through

Mildred, the light green grommets

Mildred, the dragonfly barrette

Mildred, I am standing over your sadness at this moment


The bloodrushes, the hematites and the turning black parasol

Mildred, to vomit in silver bowls

Mildred, underwater sunshine

Mildred, in a tropical print pantsuit

Mildred, the geometric sadness and the keyhole dress

Underpants with black ruffles, Mildred, mudslides and mudslides of solitude

Mildred, a lionfish...

Mildred, a bloody nose and a black frock

Mildred, ruinous and fresh as starfruit

Mildred with the plastic flowers in your hair

your sleepiness like blinking lights, your sleepiness like cocoa butter...


On unrepeating patterned carpets

Mildred, in bright yellow diamonds

Mildred, scarved with a flowered square

Mildred, on the sky blue floor crying

Mildred, piranha shiny... sinking into joy,

Mildred, spiral sunbeams of blood in the ocean

Splitting your gown with the pulse of a thigh, Mildred,

Mildred, an eclipse in the background and your black lipstick Mildred

Mildred, the bristles of flashes from the back of silver brushes

Mildred, the burnt milk and the clacking of ladies’ boots

Mildred, axels and axels of silence

Mildred, a black feather eyemask!


The retinal scan of an aloe green eye

Mildred, cabinets open to reveal you

Mildred, thrown upon the ceiling, a gold border surrounding you

Mildred, you can safely tear yourself apart...

Mildred, with red ants in thegrass

Mildred the electronic verbena

Mildred, the night spurts over your black umbrellas


Twisting to swirl the organza underwater

Mildred, pulling off the petals of a leather flower

Mildred, your eyes are green volcanoes

Mildred, the flattened grass, the backless slipper

Mildred, in a stained glass swimming pool

Mildred, unraveling: a shantung sash

Mildred, the pressure of an opaque, foam-soft madness....

Mildred, a prim skirt with the hemline burning upward

Mildred, grim little girls...

Mildred, the fin or swath of glaze in an eyesphere

Mildred, algae and phosphorescent ballgowns...

Mildred, the funnel over your heart

Mildred, icy and dumb little girls

Mildred, the hornéd deer

Mildred, to float...with a buoyant hushed evil

Mildred, the people are banging their heads on the wall and singing lullabyes

Mildred, your thigh high boots to stomp out the pestilence of their loneliness!

Mildred, chartreuse swimming trunks on a gentleman


Mildred, limeade...

Mildred, a cutthroat happiness is possible

Mildred, the swirl over your face, the hair brushed back , the seabreezes of shock...

Mildred, dead soft..., in a green dirndl

All you can do is agree, Mildred

Mildred there is a dazzling graciousness

Mildred, urinating and steaming, sunburned at the funeral...

Mildred, a summer of vomiting into the sea

Mildred, swimmer in black rimmed glasses


Mildred, with sumptuous gravity

Mildred, the pulsating.., mesemerizing...,lustre of shock...

Mildred, fishtail...eggshell blue...

Mildred, underpants with ruffles around the legholes...

Mildred, the shining anvils of a demure disposition

Mildred, crowbars and crowbars of solitude

Mildred, the pretty birds that divebomb...

Mildred, a black coat lined with green grasses

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