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Elizabeth Robinson
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Refractory Responses
          in honor of Gerard Boar

A heartbroken table and chair

or a tale entire
made of a name
said and again
as names are cartoons.

That is, to tell the story
with a sequence of pictures.
How the defunct
recruits new meaning.

Your reference in disarray
and what,
the same code,
but subtracted to

specific fraction.


And these furnishing
make arrangement of what
was otherwise--

Can the word

of a kiss paste
splinters back into form
or fro--
as the host gestures toward

the ghost seat where
ghost cups offer up
real steam.     And steam

sings effectively
by hiss's repetition.


Ghosts choose always
to plagiarize--
the chair furnishing
the table.

The fey rumble
of the bargain
'led you down the paving
to the neat.'

How eagerly the correspondence
lapsed. And overblown,
a few more lines

or angled.
Rhymes meant to assuage, save one.


Now you threaten
with chair and table
the full kindness
of the solid.

As these young groves
lost among clapboards
and wailing, farting
at the horrified and fickle:

'tho I stand tall grow into ugliness'
that dark relief,

and caning all rotten
where the air

hitches your arse
'and it not returned.'


Other things, not chair
simply, and the simpleton
surface on which to put
a mug:

As faces do drink
and this supply
has its canted

if fact could
adhere to that countenance
which does

Slopping over the flat surface
to the curs, open-mouthed, beneath.

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