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Spencer Selby
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What about exhaust playback?

Don’t station charge next night handsome. Defer interest
then keep payments higher if I couldn’t get work

Did say frustrated hunk always packing. He unless my own
took blame assuming country is juvenile twice.

My earnings go knock knock on account by refrigerator and
bulging forehead into a little ball. I can hear myself book
attention and some insects crossing the door in dim light
thrown squeamish lemon.

Essentially doesn’t believe effort is replaceable. Gives
ravenous the worst day a showgirl understood was
inevitable. Seduces style of song that made a difference
sound like growing up in New York City caught off guard
with mouth open to spirit of hotel lobby. This woman
followed brave front eating drinking each other in threadbare
furtive gaze. She stopped ice ambulance with hair blown
about monologue the nurse made me translate on arrival.

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