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Sheila E. Murphy
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how could I formulate a meaning for myself?
she saw she said the lushness of these trees
hospitable to separately held
she opened the notebook she'd been carrying

apprentice inklings seemed to levitate beyond
a freehand drawing of their outline

I liked the color yellow
and remarked upon the hummingbirds
what were they
gathering I asked

she said she didn't need to know a thing
she saw that in and of itself
was there

often I have shared with her some version of this
that if I could move myself ahead a little ways
I would know how simple this is
this now

apart from that the feeling of this present tense
is always always difficult

the butterfly remained the only yellow in the garden
and it changed

her book held open awhile appeared
the same

and we were quiet with the shiny leaves

and with the wind if it was there

just like a breath nobody mentions

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