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Sarah Mangold
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I Can Ask You a Couple Things

because they cut that song off the table. they picked the beach. and he might stay in
those shirts for all the hula music in the world.

she's waiting for him. by the lipstick. matte eyes. convincing no one. back of
the head. sit on the stomach. blurred off the table. feet up.

the difference between what she suspected. taking in the curly head. because of that
faculty. clearing out. the seat could be taken.

she comes in here. amounts of and in. would put your feet up. swine. what was said.
seep. because she asked.

how to sum it up.
you're in that jacket.

the new owners may or may not.
I've made arrangements, silhouettes.

carefully. careful. I would change all the nouns.

he is holed up in the new. look. went ahead and moved the engine. initial. she's not
those people. changing orbits.

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