Liz Bradtke
As you are
New Poems From Australia

You’ve given me a license for sincerity
to smoke out the intellectual
to fire up on the slightest whim of an obsession.

All in all, I find these sentiments touching.
This poem (my original review)
catalogues the intensity that has passed
from me to you
with neither party having met before.

I think I might be in love with you.
All from the feeling of a canvas
that stunned me in public
and burnt me in private

I can almost trace every crevice
in your withered face
(no offence old man) & the shabby lines
of your suit.

Your words may litter the floor
but they somehow make me better
& happier than before.

If you met me, I’m sure we’d hit it off.
I’ve watched you. Silently clutching.
I’ve been drawn to the possibility
of how good I bet you’d be.

I’ve read the very pulses of your neuroses
in the bath, in the kitchen, in the bed.
You’ve been wonderful every time.
Vicariously, I’m as gorgeous & as frightened
as you are.