Simon Hall
Topiary and other tropes
New Poems From Australia

are there others? Tripes,
introspection maybe, topoi,
or trophies, or trepanning?
The latter meaning bloodletting ja?
da. Here was the cut – you hedge
I bet, you sledge I vet.
It’s the same old trochees trotted out
ja? da. Hearts need not be in hearses
especially if their towed by horses,
yawn. Seep. Needle. Linseed. Three
great words that’ll do fine in the market.
Trailers on the other hand constantly
needs propping up – if I was worth
my salt I’d find a better example but won’t.
Wonky arguments are the sweetest.
Who can attest? Pick a man on the street,
go to his next barbecue, ply him with ale
and lager and draught. Then say something
akin to you’re a fat no hoper.
Trooper, trestle, tram, trundle. Track.
Last week was better I guarantee you.
The truth is I won’t prune this,
nor shape it, nor snip, nor snape.
It’ll stay as is, unwieldy
and covered in clots. Smelling like
a pale abattoir worker soon to be paler actor.
I am ceramic, ja? da.