Jill Jones
Story Board
New Poems From Australia

Versions of the classics, now flickering lights

About the menace of sabre tooth tigers
or what-have-you in the backyard

What matters – the grain
old concrete, stolen tusks

Reaching across with paint through the hands

Pass the video camera, hang out a window
it's a car ride, a movie!

Division in the landscape
focus, not presence

Influence of bees, bush flies or light

Here is no place – everything moves
written out of line – strokes, waves

Blended horizons drawn on the board
frame into frame

The sadness in comfort, what all the words are about

The medicine show & tears
dust around airports

Switching voice away from the score sheet
even beyond the tent

Resistance as a nostalgic process

Packing, unpacking
decision floating between noise

The arrows are pointing at the stars
amnesia spaces

Whatever you say goes on in your head.