Carrie Hein

Up You Go Little Smoke
New Poems From the USA


And you mean nothing
you say because "you don't
need reason" you said that
it's confusing like hearing
        "with all of these mirrors everywhere
  looking at me like I've been trying to avoid being
      looked at thank god my eyes are
           here in my head" she said
           a very stupid thing,
             a dumb thing horribly here in the
      tall bearded forest next
           words making "dexterous crap"
             of perfectly good flour, choking on,
             for no reason than "we're stranded
                 here in the brickyard of all time
               rerunning our hair with ink" to match
      people and place who always think the other
    way round for no reason other than boredom
of ingenuity games the other half thinks up in a pinch
                 "because you are the hardest thing
   to look at" and my mind is
              numb as my reflection so therefore
                            the reason is gone.And
  repeatedly forgotten.