Antonio Facchino

The Root Crop
New Poems From the USA


Figure on a bivalve, a fantasy scene in relief.

[You] wouldn’t believe it:

Yacon is a root crop best eaten beaten raw,

And tastiest – a pure pungence – on a cactus – or an X

                                                                      Allowance for the tongue [not] to fall
                                                                                                       To one side,

Banking on [stacks of bonedry] reed and quartz, especially.

Llama or deer used to make items of practical purpose, today

                                                                      In the mail [a] package of turquoise,

                                                                      Or mother of pearl, grande como
                                                                      Pocas la curvatura

Now defunct or widespread [as breath has been].

Dark crosses [Xs] occurring that are difficult to explain:

A centre, eyelet, a crash of angles                          [then we both went black]

Tearing the canvas from the wall
[of the mouth or]

Anything more like a [heart or punch-faced old] woman.
A hairless dog used for a pitcher. Yellow [feathers]

Tied to chords, one type of blue knot.                        [Whatever we did next

                                                                      we made sure to stich them as shingles]
one by one overlapping the most archaic items

and all [human] as human hair, powdered red with red ochre.