Anne Gorrick

25. Flowering Trees
New Poems From the USA


A factory of dark sheeted plum blossoms
does not deserve special praise
Small white houses
Thin white evening gowns under a layer of greenish yellow
The poetrys that bind them to a grove of orange trees
thin and worn

Picture                       Cherry, slender and branch
                                  Big petals and dark red leaves: how exquisite
                                  A finely used color
                                  A one-way holiday
magnificent                 in faint yellow green dresses
                                  A four month long ending, and five beginnings
                                  A quilt of brilliant waste
sight                           If you are foot lucky, look at the fruit
                                  The Japanese cherry prevents the morning rain
sight                           The orange trees are well written

An I who is filled up
When the feeling of the year is good
I like the fact that you are coolly hidden
A gown that wears like refusal
attached to the body
thin, are long white and almost visible
Leaf green depths

and                             April wears a shifting wastefulness
belief                          When the rain is shaken from the dawn
                                  The weeping cherry prevents a standpoint like you
is                                But I need the important agreement which we do not have
charm                         Many poems written concerning concern

The plum opens darkly
because luck is fulfilled particularly in red
The plum flower and the I color in the morning
Sheets of large flowers near her address
The dark red sheet was attached to a thinning I
I like the fact that you possibly hide yourselves
cooling to that think

the                             Holiday exceeded only by direction
                                  The dress carried like waste, yellowish green also like it
                                  attached to the body, long white thin
                                  which is the visible he
rope                           She shakes out the dawn
                                  Luck of the fruit in this first volatile view
                                  evenly regards this gold yellow range of sight
and                            The eastern cherry prevents our points of view
                                  But she needs the important agreement
                                  which he does not have
flower                        Many poems were written and attached to orange trees

The address of a flower market
The color of a yellow nine
Place holiday and charm into a set of blue eyes
She will begin in rain at the front of the world
all respect shaken from her
You stare into like

a                                Because chance is completed
                                  In plum light, the written you is darkly expert
green                          filling the morning
                                  The cherry color of big market flowers
form                           of Interrupted from their own charm
                                  the blue eyes and the wisteria are suddenly white
time                            In this, their body, connected like a dress on the skin

Their wonder is long lasting, an enwrapment
Rain begins on the forehead of the world
shaken of all respect and fascination
The obligation of chance found in fruit
the rope and the flowering of morning
a golden yellow spectacle: the field
Painting and the Eastern opinion of cherry trees
But this I am important
I am not this: a contract with need
No higher degrees are attached to the poems nailed
to these orange trees, written splendidly

are                             Interruptions from fascination
                                  excess taken
importance                 from the orange surface of a dream

Because possibility is finished
the plum light writes you into darkness
It is ten with the thing
The connoisseur who is also the I
The market where the eastern part is dark red
The                            The address when you purchase yellow flowers in nines
                                  An interruption of one enchantment
world                         The dress also likes green and time into yellow
                                  The uses of enwrapment
agitated into               The cherry part that deters spectacle
                                  This I who importantly is not I
respect                       this contract, this necessity

Possibility finished and discharged with light
Written above you is darkly expert
The I which is morning is filled above
Cherries in a large market flower with your address
The interruption of places
an enchantment in blue eyes
When dresses love the color green
and the yellow of time
Wastefulness brings this whiteness

Eating                         The obligation of possibility found in fruits and vegetables
                                  Temporary opinion: the rope and the dawn equal to this golden
fascinates                   The field, a picture, and Eastern opinion
                                  The gross part of cherries deter spectacle
                                  The shaft of the poem is orange, just this side of splendid

Because all possibility is complete
plum light writes a darkness in him
a petaled dark red appraisal
Cherry that I, giant market blossoms
He purchases nine yellows
inferior in use to her address
A year in each direction, possibly you will renovate the I

its                               Place severed from magic
                                  an interior sees white inside a bluewhite poplar
                                  In its body, it takes, like, the green
                                  Yellow the time and wasting in formal clothes
                                  To know enwrapment lastingly
fruit will rob                April of its initial dream
                                  In orange starts, rain agitates the world
                                  charm and consideration
                                  The golden decadence that prevents painting
                                  A peach tree outstanding, this urgently liked and looked
voluntary                    But in this I am not important
                                  my I is not

Written in dark actions, a 10 year old earth laid against morning
blooming with problems, in dark red appraisal
The Chinese of most remarkable Chinese
In life, the problem of time and thought
horizontal communications
exceed the white of a poplar
Perhaps it is unusual, the acquisition to connect
green yellows, a subject for wastefulness
and the use of enwrapment

Type                          Constantly the rain dreams
                                  The world swings on a certain amount of place
being                          This secondary gold dwindles an image
                                  prevents the clean sketch in a range of yellow
seen                           This I is necessity in this contract
                                  not the I important
urgently                      in the wood of many gorgeous poems

Note: Written at the end of the second millennium, this poem is a rethinking, a modernization of a section from "The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon" which was written at the end of the first millennium by a courtesan during the Heian period in Japan.