Anne Gorrick

26. Festivals
New Poems From the USA


Soon                          Smell that enchantingly mixed: iris and sage
                                  All this never occurs in other situations
stays                           The days empty into holiday, cloudy
                                  Unfinished silk wraps a simple box
behind                        Whenever the people need to string together

Wise brush and iris mixed with charm
The end of nine times
at the bottom of small houses filled with common people
Chrysanthemums wrapped in raw silk
so that in the end, nothing is left

Nothing                      There is no at all
                                  People in place of a roof knitted of many colors
is                                Spheres on the grass, straw raincoats, an empress
                                  Mums wrapped in a clear box
left                              catch September directly

Ever since the 9th, the days have traded
themselves for grass
A string around anytime
pulled apart from a sphere and a sea urchin
Grass separates from her tears

In place                      Time connects May to congratulations and banking
                                  Luxury decorates the household, and we are composed of want
of                               The ingredient of each chance
                                  on the whole it is compulsion, clarity
a                                The sky hums and goes inside the actual one
                                  The congratulation inside continuous banking
person                        A series of wheat straw raincoats
                                  threaded with grass the color of concrete
the roof                      A sea urchin separated from grass and tears

If the window screen, then the smell of burning brush
that is of this place, an intelligent mixture of charm
Resembling everything, he is attached to banking
In place of the number 9, boats and containment
The sky hums and becomes imminent
In the funeral country of cloth, we detach
That the silk, which is not, freely
Concreteness and the grass forms a family
Grass and she tears up violently

Grass                         Common people luxuriantly embellish it out of him
and                             The sky is interrupted by congratulations
                                  The obligations divide, promoted out of concreteness
she                             An foreign boy separated from grass and tears

When the iris smells like brush on fire with charm
The equivalences known as the years
Authorization, rooftops, the components of probability
Coercion is implicit, the sky hums with continuous banking
A line of raincoats made of straw
The wheat was densely woven into grass
Buckrams in the funeral country regard September
a silk that is explicit
Sea urchins separated from their grasses

A silk                         The iris sags with fascination
                                  In place of the person: a form of permission
that is                         Cloth from the country of funerals, unclear in the silk
explicit                       She is when it tightens, a long rest constructed of necessity

Enchantment mixes wiseness with iris
The boat with nine walls, luxury decorates his desire
The ingredients of each possibility
compulsion that is opening

I                                When the sky becomes a form of reading
                                  A series of raincoats: the straw
can                             wheat knitted into puncture
                                  The colors do not join the country in funeral cloth
smell                          This place apprehends September
                                  When the silk remains unopened
                                  Is the person, when the rope, always?
it                                She distributes obligation
                                  simulated in concrete and sea urchin

Place mixed with enchantment
In place of a person, her permission
A roof made of iris
luxuriantly decorated with marriage
Ingredient or possibility differently
Circumstance does not occur as compulsion
A geometric model in four skies
the hum of it changed the interior

What                          Raincoats, straw or wheat?
                                  The curtains in an internally amiable palace
we                              The color of concrete: the funeral cloth
                                  September immediately
all                               where the day is changed with possibility
want                           Obligation is distributed in him

When the iris and I smell this place
an unwise mixture in the brush
All competitions not connected to May end in congratulations
In place of an almost new person: the iris
The sky sighs and I read its humming sound
Raincoats crowded and woven in wheat straw
She distributes the sea urchin’s concrete separation into sea and tears

The                             All competitions end in magic
                                  whether the iris or me
problem                     You attach the roof for an almost new person
                                  A washbasin is the center of permission
of                               Inhabitant, decoration, luxuriantly
possibility                   Raw materials not happening, the inferior remains of power

In order to change our internal celebrations, change the sky
Straw congested, knitted in two stabs
The physical funeral thing in cotton
You grasp with capture inside September
Silk should open the season’s possibility
The box of the place
Is the person when the rope, always

ocean                         Time lingers, a mixture of lake and iris
                                  The iris supervises the roof
and                            Congratulations indicate a hazard in the sky
                                  Silk from seasonal
urchin                         peel the concrete from separation

Time lacquers each iris
a roof made of human hands
Interior truths of a sky at risk
The noise finishes him
Cornstraw, his I is interior
The silk of seasonal possibility
Why do families celebrate banking?
Necessity makes time a cord to anybody, any place
The concrete separation of ocean from urchin

Note: Written at the end of the second millennium, this poem is a rethinking, a modernization of a section from "The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon" which was written at the end of the first millennium by a courtesan during the Heian period in Japan.