Catherine Cafferty

past the l.i.e.
New Poems From the USA


like willing inception i name that leg too long when there is a corner to walk a pregnant
state call the mess a quagmire a callousness adding up to the toad in the water which will
not wear clean on side or city block to walk as idle sport who wanted to name my right
leg then left since i put the pressure on them my solid shift your solemn ground a riveted
heart out lies this preference for gaining current and blending street with eyes the right
lore bird knew his word written as song from the first maybe mindful change as when i
bent he altered the decibel because a lean a crouch can take place can aid the sun setting
more spectacularly and leave small heads like me wanting to raise in the morning out of
warm sheets to speckled heads on city streets remembering left and right legs know a
solid pace when the pavement drops out for if time effaces beauty then build as we wake
on turnpikes of the mind a solid wish bit of image harsh as light the carrier load washing
down the stream touching edge waiting for the gutter’s release