K. Silem Mohammad

Bring Me the Head of Celine Dion
New Poems From the USA


Pinky Marienbad, land surveyor in training
boarded a number by hand and rode
looking for the Western histoire dreamland
he hit upon a little landmark
well matched in vigorous Kit Kat by the Texaco Kama Sutra
provided enough income to the cultural was he visiting his sand

white gold made of glass roared uphill
it had two forms boarding the variations
Cold Water Marilyn seated towards the rear
called out and disappeared like going dancing
the topmost layers of Yale allowed the reader to the grand language
“the German word you are looking for it is here”
“the older I get the better I was”

argumentative essays in the streets
eerie corduroy seaway metamorphosis
fantastic little blonde Orpheus boys
a classic shepherd dance with scooters
range of virus music allowing both forms of drum
which pushes towards the United States from the hot jazz
new operas are booming but the bold aren’t heard

dear colleague welcome to the new first light
the end of institutionalized amour
illegal foreign lipstick sealed with bandage
random variables binomial distributions
color contact lens zero macular degeneration

try not to be good
interrupt hormonal misinterpretation
fuck men fuck domination