Timothy David Orme

Ten Summer Songs
New Poems From the USA


                                                                    That so our sweetly temper’d song
                                                                    Nor be to short, nor seeme to long.

                so sings
                the shine
                of summers
                sun above


                rays dissipate into
                west & blue

                round an island
                up come birds

                an instant


                Nothing more than

                the silence of the hyacinth isles

                free and full of song


                I have placed the full leaved

                trees behind for I will

                always find or see

                will always see the leaves

                by light or shade



                on the top of
                the rock mountain

                one will
                                      not fall


                a stream

                I find
                I do

                a stream will


                as it is carved by water

                the rock between
                the river shores

                carves the waters clear


                I go


                the mountain


                the route



                the mountains


                & rest
                & sit


                the leaves
                of the tamarind tree

                seedpods play

                their tune
                I am losing


                to sing
                to long


                where was this
                land alone

                where I was


                where was I
                where I sing

                if only this
                be what I wish