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Chelsey Minnis
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As a person I am often described as: bad 4bad 4bad4 and bad4. This causes me to sigh.

My revenge is like an ice cream parlor: I will continue to hate you if you will continue to hate
me. And then we will eat a cake together and lick our fingers.

It is quite sunshiny to hear irrepressible criticisms of one’s self. People try to create more and
more outstanding criticisms which are like masterpieces. Often I am intrigued and want to sleep
with them and ruin their lives....

But those people are too advanced with their theories to love me. Plus I cannot resist the pull of
my own temperment which is boredom 4, contempt4 and mischief4

If anyone wants to come after me with their rhetoric I can only try to amuse myself with their
cigarette lighters. I just want to express my desire which is that I not be hated. When I am hated it
is like a constant distraction...

First of all no one will accept my basic hatred. When a tear is slipping out of my eye I am
remembering your dirty tricks...

It it is sad like a pentacle when I see you. Because you hurt people and shred their dresses.

Ahg, I would cut your hand off if you came close to me like an old friend.

When you are like infernal..........when I dream of wounding you in the neck and you
wink...........I can only think of doublecrossing you........

It is disgusting that you’re not afraid...

It was like a wishing well to stare downward and hate you when I was young.

Remember when I was a faun to be trusted and loved? Yes, as a young girl I was already your

Revenge is like 3,2,1.....

Too bad I hate you for all your misdeeds. Too bad.I have a three layer hatred with cake frosting.

Hatred such as this is flattering except that I would really like to hurt you with scissors..

I am sticking a gun in my ear and trying not to point it anywhere else... because I might offend

I am remorseful for my leopard patterned hatred which is due to past events. Hatreds have
dimmers on them which should be adjusted.

When I was young I only wanted presents.Hatreds have swirls.

No one let me do the things I liked so I began to count down...

I liked you like a glint but I now I hate you like interminable...at night I beg for your downfall.
My heart fills with a perfect nothing.

I remember when I thought I loved you but I ended up exhausted at the piano.....

I hate you and it is irreversible because I can’t please you. I can’t stop pretending to look at the
red knob when I’m really looking at you. And imagining your bare shoulder punctured by a fork

Because I hate you I want to pinch you. Or bite off the tip of your tongue. I can’t trust you when I
stare at your throat like a beast.

Why did I ever pretend to be fond ? That was a folly like a duck hunt. Now the ducks are killed
like XX.

Still, I want to know where you are at all times and bite your hand. It would be wonderful to bite
your hand if only I loved you...

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