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Catherine Wagner
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I'm Total I'm All I'm Absorbed in This Meatcake

I gave you a sentence, can’t back it with po-lice
Can’t back it with any conviction at all

That frees me to say any lie I develop
That frees me of meaning and of consequence

I heard that prayer’s efficacious on flowers
Long-distance or local, prayer helps make them grow

I submit that I had better mean what I’m saying
“I’m not the one saying it” “just writing it down”

Well who then is saying it. Trucks in the offing,
finch on the phonewire, movement of tree.

I’m not stupidly assailed by the moonlight
I’m an example, an experimental

Attempt to assess how a kid of my talents
Responds when she’s given the life that I was

I’m the control and experiment bothly
you’ll never get a result out of me

My guilt is omnipotence erupting backwards
heartbeat spans outward rebuffed at the skin

I’m total I’m all I’m absorbed in this meatcake
If I did all I could you’d shut up/be glad

Like fingers of a hand we all act as one
and aren’t always needed, aren’t needed as all

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