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Karla Kelsey
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grassy,   moon-scarred  shade  of  night.   As  in  the  chocky
rocks,   a   luminous,  and  branches  darker  than  sky.  And
from  here  we  say  we  see, here we say we say.  Elemental
and the other under porch light, absorbing. Lest clouds come
and a  raining down in terms of  TEARS  though  written  this
way   for  a  message  of  surface.  Worried  about  when.  A
tearing   through,   lending  itself  this  way  and  that  as  in  a
wind  when pennants,  whipping  in  the  night.  Or your sight.
A  difference is  seeming now,  the light gold crack in the sky
and  un-bought  the  surface  goes  rocky  and double-struck.

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