Dustin Hellberg
New Poems From the USA
(Not Cretan, Vandal, Philistine, Osmanlis the slave warriors, Mamluk, Goth

                                        but Aramaic from stone and clay, and into Persia
                                                       Cyrus, son of Cyro, meaning bitch's son
                                        Hebraic from ash rising into Palestine within living
                                        memory, within living memory

                                                       and there was set a tower above all else
                                                       but it was here that vision

as from out the crescent, the weal, the gaol

as hunger is not ironic, not death, not history

as to land hobbled, even the sun

as horn, snowflight, retreat, night is an ear

as at the foot of the sea-brink

as fire, catheter, maiden, damselfly,

as that the earth is beneath the root

as meadow's smell, clouds move through me

as the red-tailed hawk on the 77th mile marker

as again I think of your body, the border, the dark

as the night is an ear, an error just so

as in carillon, caracole, viraga, virga

as the countryside, heavy rains, oversleeping

as from the beginning to the beginning

as it is we who do not need Vulcan and Aphrodite

who needed only heaven and earth)