Lance Phillips
New Poems From the USA
Using the apostate tyrant as his tool

               Metexein The dough-skin Red smoke
             placing along side leg stiffening into curveback the silver hairs


               Inverts from beaked head the chair the re-championing windows             resplendent

               Only willow sticks

               1226 Learns nature
            skink roseroot corresponding to basket   Object   Purely head
            loving her condition

               Only willow sticks

               Theft   The touching his touch undershirt and rice
            especially resonance the took


               Excending  deer  rosebush
            the talking about red color and the seeing red color

               Think you should put it in there


               Third estate   Property properly the deer and rosebush

               Thick should   No polis up entwining esophagus
            but passing between shadow the cookie

               A-feeling   a-thinking fabric

               Apparition   1226   The object surface cusp
            cut/cup   They combine selfish appearance
            and the sugar

               The age gods  heroes   The age people


            Well ass or wolf and sheep    Of in
               Invention   Societal   Very clear the wires repartitioning Confused
            Concept in crocus nearly touching the wall

               Well invented society   "Everything is one to the extent that every
            thing is different"

            Paunch   Hegemony   Black
            Re-championing specific difference crow  the sugar

               The correspondence invisible in arbor his house
            and what's pink thing


               Bifformity   Flat-eye

               Down to adrenal glands  the snow  the mind  it won't make it move
            his feeling of blue leg   Innovation

               The right   Cup thigh lift push


               Microordering adrenal glands to windpipe  to armpits
            Space to people-king   Sovereign yellow skin


               Turn me on side

               Forming the full his leg blankets

               I am baffled   The act chair  near  touching