Max Winter
Here and There
New Poems From the USA

This cash crop nation boasts one bridge
The bridge casts no shadow
Only a dotted line
I do not know the name of my companion
All that matters is the motion and the sound
I carry my heart behind a button
On that button float two toy ships
facing each other
two pieces of the same conflagration
Hush is the only word on our lips
in a country of souls and stolen stones
Here is my shining tin cup
Let something fall into it
that cannot be returned
Say a minute of your time
Say a file of misplaced certificates
that pop in the air before I can read them
that spin like coins
to the center of the earth
What's-His-Name asks a question
Two fishnet legs appear
to cross the ceiling of the struggle
to go away
I am going blind I say to myself
I am going blind
and no one will take me home