Michael Farrell
in descendant
New Poems From the Australia

          ladies lacies
          angels down to earth
   mothers throw your hands In the air charlie
         we. didnt know michael we
           didnt Know raphael we knew 1 is
   the good bit by sheryl crow its over corrupted
  the” car were driving the house
      2 live in oh living life;
  at the boardroom its pretend its a fiction fiiiction Church
        on sunday tennis monday throw your
              harmonies the (rox were wearing the 3 we live
                 in oh james brown oh robert lowell all The shopping) in
           the trolley now we are boogie were the
         4 the fly In
             amber the whitest ajbwe rhw whiresr?
             feathers polished maple oak or something honeys dont
trample Our example 5 forever hells/ forever earths
      a playtime flap your Wings life in
        the bedroom to look forward to;! all the
                    6 eating chocolate the swordfish speaking Spanish
deeper &
      deeper patrick we didnt 7 julio we Knew
        the post & the.”... string we bought
   it & 8 couldve been dont doubt it
                    david bowie mr snowy Throw your etchings at me/),: the
      grass were growings doing strange 9 for
     the Good –, were the good guys
          try to mask your 10 all the sweeping the
      dishes” men have done Dishes men ahce done
      since the, 11 era begun moby
  dicks Here & we havent danced all year
      lilies in the valley relax its;.../)
             january Make a 12 to scare
  the birds & the
      bees __ __ __ “__ __

1 this
2 We
3 Coast
4 odyssey
5 heavens
6 foxes
7 know
8 Kylie
9 things
10 surprise
11 modern
12 wind