Michael Farrell
New Poems From Australia

      cawing a drink caeinf a drinl
      bottle against cement electronica makes them 1 a
    culture a xirltire, a
    context In which theyre ok almost
  expected receive receive that symbol for instance leaning & half! brown
        2 death a???? Ssick feeling from drinking from a
       disney cup the lines move maybe its
  you””:: or a 3 adding
    to The stuff in the room sleep; in the shadows
        of English towers copper,,, green 4 policeman enters the field of
  view the tram
     As desert dying has no/ volume control nor
    a media pandered Ego are
     men 5 else retrieving a marble?
 & monty from the street success society picks its teams Ssome
           fade out uncarved &) rotten vampirising the walls
                          of strung out writers Running away from chinese husbands
           6 other husbands full of like orher Jidvands fhll is
           information but little/
          writing objects bully 7 in
                                          a golden age Said gday consistently a foledn (age said fdau
                                          quit 8 your lower Lip theres nothing to
        lose: youre not sixteen youre
     not in love here comes
       a strident a Sstrifent
       deborah harry sexist schmuck; you prefer
         the 9 blondie were a band the Others blondie were a band
         with pubes worth”” 10 __ __ __

1 creates
2 from
3 friend
4 a
5 anything
6 like))
7 that
8 unbutton
9 others
10 preserving