Will Fox
New Poems From Australia

Boys a year above you have the coolest veteran complexion
such that when you hear one fell to a backfiring syringe
the best I can come up with is the muted glimpse -
the idol stake-out across the quadrangle becomes a rearing sun

Stefan, now in heaven, do I have a right to use your given name?
or the safer compounds a funeral inculcates?
decent bloke - loved by all his mates
& yet your greatcoat Grammar blazer carried the most beautiful mane -

An inspiration to me, similarly stuck with dull brown hair -
The jet-black of the auto-cool can afford being short & kempt
but we must make up for ours with length
a slouch & the impression that we’re never fed.

I’ve got corduroy flares on then where leg muscles wait
& a starter party invitation recommending marijuana’s gate