Jill Jones
My Dreamy Epic
New Poems From Australia


the lake
will always be spoken
above shadows

shape : unshape

down on the lawn
my uneasy posture
teeth chattering across
ragged twilights of backyards

the body & the road

all that’s gone
minds, networks, armies
love torso & heel

on and off screen
thresholds of grass
becoming white blind sky

my cut hands
sticky waters

as if

Elvis had never left the poem

the All Ords steady as rock and roll

thinking more than a flutter

O, the dreamy epic of language!

the sparkle

a kiss
refusing to fade
inside rain

tasting access, sediment
drink me!

the yellow facts
fall between walls

beating of sunrise
the daily path
talking to strangers

ecstasy on a verandah
still wild
rough glitter in a country of words

pages colour
the various, speaking
skin of it, life