Jay Orff
Travel Instruction for Room Service
New Poems From the USA

If hunger stalks you at difficult hours, you must call 9 and then message to
the receiver of hungry your desire for kitchen refreshment. Please to be
ordered the sandwich of choice being a grilled fish or plain fish or meat
spread on crusted bread. Also get potato or raisin, chip in one bag or
fresh many bag. All times are hand made as well, let time more delicious
knowing so many appetites are like yours, needing a pork. For more anxiety,
try the first plate of mixed dirty vegetable pieces with ordinary cheese,
it's not good. Our own father always wants to make you happy in his food,
though his oldness prohibits him from seeing too many things, such as stairs
and children. Transfer extra currency quickly or he will be of death.
Crunch a lot for your pleasure.