David Prater
her royal majesty the queen
New Poems From Australia

we had them rolling in the british aisles that day elizabeth
sorted out for wizz we drank lagers as the rain came down
delaying our jaunt in the moors no matter i said let's regale
them with songs i propose a toast to our colonial mistress
began to look an awful lot like merry christmas cheer again
both of us fast asleep for most of monday then time to work
on our smirks before the corgies ran amok amongst the jewels
what a life i thought its the stuff of songs by ageing entertainers
here you come the little spark that sets me going every day
a cup of tea a gammy knee yer mother doesn't know me name
she pretends she didn't hear me mimicking the commoners
everything's just naff wouldn't you say exclaims my little genie
ah yes we had them rolling in the british aisles that day
like a pair of geezers in last night of the prom outfits & bunting
what a fucking gas now i feel so smashed i could be at wembley
bringing on the noise with all the other boys in homage to h.r.m.