Hope J. Smith
What I Meant Was
New Poems From the USA
Hidden beneath the easy tricks of beauty
Always is just an allegory
A river that spills: trans. Whoever you will be when you arrive there
I'm not the one to help you with that image
We gone, we go
What disruption of memory does to this
A place took hold of me
In the underworld, words are shadows
The space of memory
Cameos out of carved volcanic rock
A memory is a hint
Birds as arguments of origin
This poem is a secret that just happens to involve you
The lends is a crisis
To return with it or without it, to return for it, to return it
My armor grows electric
Thoughtful errand
If you take out the "is" you must keep the ocean
X, or a loose adaptation thereof
Identity: what we all need inside of us
All the fog in my mouth
Broken hearts will mend you
Where is the fun in starlight
Handsome evidence