Tony Tost
"A praised painting or such"
New Poems From the USA
A praised painting or such is revealed to be the work of a lion or a corpse
with a brush. The critics will defend it still becuz? They’re so rich. God
bless them anyway, their hands in the hoax horse. To flourish is simple. A
reality producer don't care if it's fudged : the critics laugh because we need
content, this stuff on tape. A woman w/ explosives around her neck,
wearing dark glasses & an earpiece : she is telling us that if a dog or a
woman can “give art” in raw footage then anyone can lead a flock of spirits
back home for their portraits. Do you note the return of the black swan?
A vortex woven of light? Well, no : it’s the flash reflected off the camera’s
strap. Then this is the face of the man who hoodwinked the world?
Dressed up as the Queen, asking yr advice about “the necklace”? I lost my
head though it later reappeared in spiritual form above my real one; in the
photograph of me in my gorilla suit posing with the senator’s dead wife.
She who had originally worked in film. Where was I? In the Dairy Queen
drive-thru going in reverse? Ordering sandwiches & drinks I should never
consume? I am pouring my Dr. Pepper on the asphalt for my dead queen.
Then here’s Dave Smith, author of The Fisherman’s Whore, w/ both his
hands on the dashboard telling me Ashbery is a hoax & I closing my eyes &
nodding because when has Ashbery ever held the best objects of our time in
his large hands? What is his story? A tape recorder placed in the back of a
dead man’s throat? I am so blue. I am so blue, Dave, inside this gorilla
suit, w/ my forty, fifty stories, unsure to be a slut to the page or stage. The
closer you look at a sword (snake + word) the greater the distance from
which it stares. Dave, when you cut a man open, what do you find? A
praised painting? A child trying to read the writing up there?