David Annwn
four extracts
West House Anthology
In Loco parentis, parenthesised
To carry them off to all they’ve excluded:
Stridor of nurses, the teacher-saints
And closing hospitals kept out of the headlines,
Stringently. Look at the bones and sewn mouths saying
Do you remember me from the corridor-stretchers,
The hot untended wounds, Compositor
Set these stitches in lower case now.

The strimmers roar from hedge-backs
The scythesman in the mirror –

       Fly away Dieter,
                    fly away Paul

from Danse Macabre

dolly up on thresher’s bar
midnight estate offy
what pulls into view
an American anthology
run by
lap-top ram-raiders

MOTs / insurance jobs
middle-aged chewy, boom logo
brieze-blocked office
tuber aubergine flower
spandau cufflink

heading west or in ?
tango oscar roger
mike it back
to inner

from turbulent / / boundaries (1999)


Going through logical space
fogmen signal: flags and lamps
Eindhoven passengers crowding on
carriages rattle on gauntleted track
dense air swoops the viaduct

aren’t we concerned with signals
isn’t there something wrong with them

what freight Heinz
thundering in another spectre:
the nightguard’s gloves tap their fingers:
inert self reverie:
pig-iron and ingots
cattle carcasses
DVDs, Sheffield corkscrews,
pet coke, frozen organs
To Mainz, to Frankfurt, to
toxic mox
whirling in their separate loads
heavy bunkum – onus
asymptote of starry bodies

Aboard, D’abord!
The Occident Express

From EURO6OROS (2002)

From Triomphe L'Oeil (2004)