edited by Alan Halsey

Alan Halsey An Introduction to the West House Anthology
David Annwn four extracts
Tony Baker five brief stray lyric things
Thomas Lovell Beddoes from Death’s Jest-Book, V.iv
Sean Bonney Poem beginning with a line on …
Richard Caddel Nightstory
From Wreay Churchyard
Larksong Signal
Shiner: Moves Towards Winter
Blaise Cendrars
translated by Tony Baker
Elastic Poem 2: Tower
Elastic Poem 5: My Dance
Kelvin Corcoran The Empire Stores
Martin Corless-Smith Life and Builds of L. It files
Ian Davidson in density
Johan de Wit ‘Are You Johan de Wit?’ ‘I Am.’
Reader, Don’t You See I’m Writing?
This Is All I Have To Say About Poetry
Bill Griffiths The Everest Poem
Alan Halsey from Memory Screen MS dated 13 October 2003
David Kennedy Fabula Rasa
Found on a Flipchart
Karen Mac Cormack from Implexures Vol. II
Geraldine Monk Opus Anglicanum
David Rees Johnny, Gianni, Johnny
Sea Gate: Gigantic dub end dub
Peter RileyTwo Pieces from 1995
Gavin Selerie Tomogram
Exquisite Corpse
Christine Stewart The Trees of Periphery
Glenn Storhaug letters pressed from silver to blue
Thomas Swan Hic Jacet
Catherine Wagner Coming Toward Me
Perfect Love
West House Checklist