Sean Bonney
Poem beginning with a line on ...
West House Anthology
  I cannot

          reconcile my
       concept of

                with the

             fact that

                      the power

                     life and death
                                cannot re :

                                    (con curl c:
possess power &

        my life and death

           cannot say
   can reckon my



        my rented cell

          possess power
          my purse my
             my life and death
       cannot life &

             its personal its
                             real its
                   personal                    blair: possession

       bitter this, I
                   cannot      curl
             (can)            pursue my
                   mine life
            &                  can
                                             can reckon my cell
                                             is real
                                                        my purse my
                                                  rented          mr
                                                        rented          mr

                                                its personal

                                                          (blair is
                                                  cannot reconsider the
                                                   salt in my face is
      (m cell is bare is
                                                     real is
       oh my my my
              o              m
       o ey m m m m m m m

       rub salt in eyes
       reconcil                 m
                cil                 m
       re:       cil              m

                         rub          reseal              m

                         what that means is
                                           rub residual blair with eyesalt

                                          seal in cinders
                         i.e.   cinders
                                                      rub                 reconcil
                                          rub in cinders
   & power pauses
   ––––––––––––––the uncanny is what makes me crazy
                                           (these are instructions)     rub in              fall:
                                                    (is that so
                                   my laugh
                                   my laugh
                                   my laugh                         mr
                                               residual fact
                                           with personal
                                            with personal cinders
(these are instructions):      follow            fall
                                    with cinders with eyesalt
                                                follow            fall
                                         in rented cell & pursepaw
                                                        seal in
                                              laughter:                              blair
                     m        laughter                                             possesion
                     m ss   laughte                                               dignity
                     m        laughter

                     follow faultline / cinderblair
                                  (eg : eat this grenade)
                     can reckon cinders                    can
                                                         rub in :
                                  cannot power my
                     can paw my possession