Blaise Cendrars (trans. Tony Baker)
Elastic Poem 5: My Dance
West House Anthology
Plato keeps the poets out of the Republic
Wandering Jew
Metaphysical Don Juan
Friends, nearest & dearest
Your traditions have gone and you’ve not yet gained customs
You’ve got to escape the tyranny of the press
Grim life
Pride displaced
Woman, the dance that Nietzsche wanted to show us how to dance
But irony?

Incessant coming and going
Peculiarity vagrancy
All men, all countries
That’s how you’ve come to offload your responsibilities
You no longer make yourself felt …
I’m the class of man who travels the ever-the-same Europes in the
          fabulous express trains who stares discouraged through the doorway
The landscape doesn’t interest me any more
But the dance of the landscape
The dance of the landscape
I turn-all

                                                 Feb 1914