West House Checklist
West House Anthology

West House Books are available in the UK from
40 Crescent Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1HN, UK
(email: alan@nethedge.demon.co.uk) and distributed by SPD in the USA


David Annwn Hear the Voice of the Bard! Who Present, Past, and Future Sees. 1995. Essay on the early bards, William Blake & Robert Duncan, 32pp.
--- with Kelvin Corcoran, Alan Halsey & Gavin Selerie Danse Macabre: Death and the Printers. Co-published with Ispress, 1997. Poems, 40pp.
--- Turbulent Boundaries. 1999. Poems, 24pp.

Tony Baker Three Part Invention and other scored occasions. 2003. Four sequences, 36pp.

Thomas Lovell Beddoes Death’s Jest-Book. The later text established by H.W.Donner edited & introduced by Alan Halsey. 2003, in association with the Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society. 184pp.

Sean Bonney Poisons, their antidotes. 2003. Poems, 36pp.

Richard Caddel Magpie Words: Selected Poems 1970-2000. 2002. 192pp.
--- Writing in the Dark. Edited by Ann Caddel. 2003. Poems, 64pp.

Blaise Cendrars Prose of the Trans-siberian and of the Little Jeanne de France. Translated by Tony Baker, illustrated by Alan Halsey. 2001. 24pp.

Kelvin Corcoran Melanie’s Book. Co-published with Simple Vice, 1996. Poems, 40pp.
--- & Alan Halsey Saturday Night in the Bardo. 1996. Poems & pictures, 16pp.
--- & Alan Halsey The Name Apollo. 1997. Poems & pictures, 12pp.
--- & Alan Halsey Your Thinking Tracts or Nations. 2001. Poems & pictures, 48pp.

Martin Corless-Smith Complete Travels. 2000. Poems, 96pp.

Ian Davidson Human Remains and Sudden Movements. 2003. Sequence of 17 poems, 20pp.

Johan de Wit Hippototescopo. 2000. Poems with footnotes, 64pp.

Edward Dorn High West Rendezvous: An Edward Dorn Sampler. Co-published with Etruscan Books, 1996. Poems, 60pp.

Anthony Flowers Quiet Music of Words: Conversations with Richard Caddel. 2002 (first trade edition). 40pp.

Bill Griffiths Durham and other sequences. 2002. Poems, 64pp.

Alan Halsey Spells against Green Field Development. 1994. Poems & graphics, 16pp.
--- A Robin Hood Book. 1996. Prose-poem/essay, 64pp.
--- & David Annwn Stalking Within Yer Chamber: Some Notes for a Reading of David Jones’ ‘In Parenthesis’. 1996. Two essays, 28pp.
--- & Karen Mac Cormack Fit To Print. Co-published with Coach House Press, 1998. Poems, 64pp.
--- & Gavin Selerie Days of ’49. 1999. Poems, prose & graphics, 136pp.
--- Dante’s Barber Shop (De Vulgari Eloquentia). 2001 (first trade edition). Prose-poem/essay with graphics, 40pp.
--- The Text of Shelley’s Death. 2001 (first trade edition). Prose-poem, 84pp.

David Kennedy Cornell: A Circuition around his Circumambulation. 2001 (first trade edition). Prose, 20pp.

Karen Mac Cormack The Tongue Moves Talk. Co-published with Chax Press, 1997. Poems, 60pp.
--- Implexures. Co-published with Chax Press, 2003. Polybiographical prose-poem, 78pp.

Geraldine Monk Noctivagations. 2001. Poems & performance pieces, 120pp.
--- Insubstantial Thoughts on the Transubstantiation of the Text. 2002. Poem/essay, 16pp.

David Rees The London. Co-published with Gratton Street Irregulars, 1997. Poems, 20pp.

Peter Riley Aria with Small Lights. 2003. Poem, 16pp.

Gavin Selerie Roxy. 1996. Long poem, 128pp.

Christine Stewart From ‘Taxonomy’. 2003. Prose-poems with graphics. 40pp.

Glenn Storhaug For Silver See Blue. Co-published with Five Seasons Press, 2003. Long poem, illustrated, 64pp.

Thomas Swan A Selection from the Works of Thomas Swan edited by Martin Corless-Smith & Alan Halsey. 2001. Poems & prose, 20pp.

Catherine Wagner Hotel Faust. Co-published with Gratton Street Irregulars, 2001. Poems, 20pp.