Martin Corless-Smith
Life and Builds of L.  It files
West House Anthology

1910  L. is born the 19 of December in the military camp of Columbia, Havana,
1918  I saw in the great house of the Camping, the arrival of the winter. The kitchen,
          the dining room and the dormitories, their silence sounded more inwards, the
          conversation one became more whispering.
1919  My grandmother visited to us with more frequency. The preparations for the
          visit were very extensive and careful, it seemed that it was going to us to
          accompany by all the winter, but already on the following day in the breakfast,
          we heard it say: I do not like to leave the house of Prado, using the word
          whereupon a queen talks about to that a castle has been left. Happened I
          reduce of the day in the sadness of that goodbye.
1920  He crossed with excessive slowness each one of the pieces of the house. He
          marched the room and he saw there huge that he was going to inaugurate the
          winter. Somebody approached and it began to strike the cloth. The struck dust
          that enlarged or disappeared the faces that showed in the cloth until the
          branches erased them. I liked in the misty winter days to contemplate those
          faces that only my imago projected, that later disappeared like sneezing. The
          house offered not only that awaited metamorphosis, but one continued hidden
          wonder. The quarter of study of the colonel. Tables with planes and designs,
          panoplies, titles, decorations, spheres armilaries, mercator projections. Of that
          piece, attic, library, rest for the nomadic thing, would be unwinding magic that
          I have always perceived in all the dwelling of the man.
1921  His father dies and the dumb family to the house of the maternal grandmother
          in Prado 9, Havana. Their attacks of asthma break out again, forcing him to
          spend long seasons in bed, reading and narrowing the contact with his mother.
1922  It enters to the school. The letter reads that in spite of his few years it makes
          an impression to him deeply and it makes him intuit that in literature a reality
          other people’s to the time and the circumstances exists.
1923  One registers in the Institute of Havana where, in spite of its inclination by the
          letters, one strives in the algebra study, mathematics, geometry, like secret
          tribute to his father.
1924  The family of dumb L. to Trocadero 162, in Havana Old, where L. will live
          until his death. The economic situation is narrow, its mother only counts on a
          small pension. In 1961, it will write to his Eloisa sister “you remember when
          we were young, the anguish in the days of the month, by the whistle of the
          mailman, mercurial, that it indicated to us if we entered the following month
          with sinister foot or happiness”.
1925  Student of right. It retakes the university studies.
1926  To him I must the warm phrases to him that dedicate to me at the end of my
          Colloquy. I had given to him so that she read my Colloquy and when me it
          gave back to it has added him the final paragraph, that says “With you friend
          L. so wide-awake, so eager, so full, it is possible to be always continued
          speaking of poetry, without exhaustion nor fatigue, although we sometimes do
          not understand its abundant notion, nor its expression.” Until the end he
          accompanied to us with his advice, their example, its poetry. Of those years
          also he was in favour between us another unforgettable spirit.
1927  One graduates as a lawyer and begins to work in a writing desk.
1928  Memory that in an occasion in a bookstore, before the astonishment of my
          astonishments, a gentleman biblomaniac, this gentleman whom any any
          spiritual connection with us did not have and who never had been interested in
          the root of verbum, the frequent treatment, the conversation, the intelligent
          stroll. Clear that this type of intellectual friendship is extremely complicated,
          subtle, made of advances and backward movements as the fight of the always
          between the bull and the subtility of the Mediterranean cord. More between us
          in that cord it is done by demonic fibres that is, as all we know, sometimes in
          the desert the Devil prepare his next stroll by the Seat of the Cathedral, where
          it looks for to become sleepy itself in the shade of the bell towers. Sometimes
          implacable, with mysterious pauses, like submerged below the sea.
1929  In letter it says on the book “I left from the poetry and I am now then in
          which it wanted to deepen in that incarnation or hypostasis of the images, in
          which its gravitation on us with its clarities or their confused clarities. It does
          not seem to never raise itself to the straight interpretation, to the veracity,
          everything for the fruit of substitutions. The word corrupts.”
1930  Interruption in the publication of Origins by a discord between the publishers.
          The discord originates in some texts of virulent and capricious Ugly, whose
          publication divided to the publishers.
1931  His shipment always my works, the few ephemeral things that we can be
          doing, to be filling these years. The little variety that surrounds to us a wall by
          extraordinary snow, only forces to send to breadcrumbs the pool. But we
          continue making.