Ian Davidson
in density
West House Anthology

when there’s money or people
in the question to dispense and
still hanging around or mad
through the window

pale figure sits looks out
figure alone sits his money gone
to the four winds money gone
west and now what

the brains of 20,000 mad
people or at least certified their
relative sanity in uproar within
the circular sore fragments of
bone in the brain

water does flow uphill
I know this now I’ve rafted I’ve canoed
there are no firm foundations when shifting class
the things that might be base; metal, music
chairs become chains, metal mental
better than
suspended in a state of indecision
between 99 and the full pound
desolate influence shades of trees


they were young and their Moldavian first class

they slept in cinemas through the afternoon

Yes sir between the documentary and the film there is an interval which is not too

temporary structures swayed around their heads
arranged to collapse inwards and conceal the bodies
in case of accident

free of any reference points
they captured the precise mood

All                          The                        Way
Free                       To                          Roam
Fail                        Safe                        Device
Prince                    Of                           Peace
For                        Love’s                    Gracious
Hand                     To                           Mouth
Shut                       Da                          Fuck
Of                         Great                       Courage
Go                         Back                       Home


at the end of the valley
a lake where grounds
finally settle toxins
take up residence

the only evidence
a handful of receipts
in the empty plazas
where people lived

each gesture familiar vendors
knowing their place each
temporary structure someone and son

dashed to death and
awful stuck
voices I really
don’t know
the ethics of asking questions
of the poor like what’s it like
being poor


lessons in abstraction

a big fat zero

a mask of nerve tissue

sailing the ship of capital
foaming at the mouth
until love redeems me

O Xena in your uncanny way
reveal to me my manor