Johan de Wit
Are You Johan de Wit?’ ‘I Am.’
West House Anthology

Mapinguari1 aspectualize up trains only in lych
gates shelter page specific works espouse twofold2
passional injunctions affix mortise locks scale to
odour coping stones tenon knotty deciduously carvel-built
potlatch mutates couples double as part matter
part flexible3 chatter up the driveway falls
apart between ombrogenous ferry tricks veritable spreading
seafloors downsize4 coupler pole meets toddler toad
keeps time together performing backflips5 leaves no
holds open to all dreaded insects terrorize
unbroken skull maps6 glean in turn hunt
anticlockwise inborn mobile voice over Terminal7 4

1 legendary giant Amazonian ground sloth known as mylontids—mylord for short—soho-ho-ho and off we go
2 our best offer yet no relation of the double act which continues well into the small hours
3 a term employers like to use for buying up politicians lawyers and other plastic friends who decline to comment on horse manure
4 the power to veto also called dipping toes into any phrasal verb that can act as an intensifier of a mixed language arising from running a hot bath
5 until now not shown in public but will be released shortly
6 twinned with World Peace London Tonight and how to find notes in bold italics
7 reprocessing people is a nasty way of doing business but then as beginner’s luck has it a renal consultant is usually not the bolshy type