Johan de Wit
Reader, Don't You See I'm Writing!
West House Anthology
Boombaboomba1 tired of tired ales forayed into
enchilada reversed osmosis until cerebral joy juice
clads buyers collect consecutive2 chipmunk heads administer
orally floral sheep yellowhammer properties skip a
year3 unfazed by viridian catguts tree-topped stones
parallelepiped cucklet churches keep bats jackdaws take
untreated water disinters grikes by hand rung
poppadoms whisper ah4 have gives leadwort laryngeal
curtain walls5 badged as vocal socks test
the economy of racking unpunishable creeping toadflax
in maple6 buds gauzy copper bowsers convert
froth into a cascade7 of cannibalistic missiles

1 the spin in a Darwinian letterhouse box can be measured in cotton rhapsodies—me too
2 concurrent processing Home Secretaries even if made of matchwood may sample language as a sign of poetry
3 make no mistake a year is predominantly handpulled which means according to Brussels directive OG 1049 with five fingers and a smile
4 it helps release the jaw and so ensures that a good upbringing prepares a bigmouth for opening a well-deserved after-dinner speech
5 blue chips found on Rubicon Wall will be sold by John Bull as blue john down below as bull cocks
6 at midnight as sweet as sweat at noon as bright as bread
7 in those years all landmarks faced three-headed landlords—one to tax the shop two to fax the crop and three to sack the lot