Johan de Wit
This Is All I Have To Say About Poetry
West House Anthology
Abbamamamah1 stills border crazy boundaries cool blurring
factions of high fluids2 camp internally outside
equatorial conversations include bonefish colloids duellos ekuele
pay par rising grasslands total two atoms
parabolically shaped into respiratory pretence3 discusses consonantal4
rows of sealed units edible saltwater roughens
incoming rye notions lurk behind unblended cultural
centres mint ankled potheads torch spicy bottlings
calabash grittily rattles differential marigold bonfires5 render
one by term notes a dozen rum
tongue-coating commentaries gross out gemstoned profits6 distort
sing-alongs7 notch earthenware sinkers hole turpentine sirens

1 fried ho fun noodles look like paralinguistic gestures in a computerized daze
2 offer little resistance to the tongue the lips or the pressure to conform if exposed to the airwaves roll-over jackpots can be mind-blowing
3 passes over the text it is supposed to highlight which if followed by applause justifies the action taken
4 yields to polite requests to imitate the margins of life and similar restricted views on reality like feelings emotions and a concern for the environment
5 bleeding is opposed to feeding so bring your own bottle and order the waiting staff to wait for their turn
6 share the same privileges of occurrence as policy makers consciousness Stallion Stout and superior colleges
7 poets offer no hope to millions of people who have been asked to support their preferred instruments of torture