Alan Halsey
from Memory Screen MS dated 13 October 2003
West House Anthology

which is also the day and one of his visibly or not well in. Who and which ruin involving
a ghost when knowing Egyptian may be hoping from. Simple words with new use looking
happy. E is for Byron if K is for Floris and I think it’s actually quite etiquette to say so.
Screenface spoke about everything as if he had mentioned it before as instructed.
Symbols gold, Iconismus wrote to Text, and glowing symptoms of the seventeen tropes
of amphibuity. It is struck as quickly they are forced to be excited you. Either danger or
dancer because trees or traces when fresh or flesh although being or benign where night
or begin. Skeleton selection barely but bravely for a stand-up curmudgeon: ‘warpers’ in a
bookseller’s catalogue probably means ‘wrappers’. The present tense is for a moment’s
thought not a writing’s minutes. Floris when a storm is called Zoe on the Solomon
Islands which not for devastation but black marketeers was news another week again

Minor Prophecies

‘At the time everyone was
tripping over spooks trying to
tell us how unhappy they
were.’ Etiquette is adequate.
We celebrated

On Beddoes’ 200th birthday
with a party of
we discovered that black and
white ruffed lemurs like
ghostly liking is to play
playing with umbrellas.

‘I is as brief as
writing gets,’ wrote
Stardust Moven to Also.


Sprinkles when sparkles (twenty speak of the waterfall at once) should make difference
spiritful or spiteful speak in self defence. An I where a rain forest usually was is certainly
a debit just as England when updated by dumb or done deal at once disappears in the
Gadarene darkness. Paranormal panoramas. Marathanatos. ‘Dear Lady,’ Professor Sani
wrote, ‘you are ready to acception the china goods.’ The initials D.B. on the headstone
which A.H. mistook as his own stand for a dealer in second-hand electrical appliances in
Sheffield. Bond will bind although bland won’t blend: no bigot wilfully begot was our

Supported by Photographic Evidence

I is an abbreviation for wanting to talk in proper absence, Also told Screenface.

Writing is to picture, Floris interposed, as emblem is to expedition.

Danger when sparkles two and both Sing Is What buster and Warpers duet.

Screenface Told Me

‘You can rebuild it dashboard.’
‘And Aforesaid said?’ ‘D.B.? Stared
like a footnote. Scared and scarred.’
‘And Beforehand?’ ‘Said? Not a word.’

Memory Screen Admission No. 00334

Dial M for Muddled. Can you think of a word there’s no other word for? Exodus these
poets with their languish exudes. Erosion isn’t quite to arisen as decide to decode.
‘Demagnify alphabet assessor’ meaning ‘Dish one sty with some fancy damage’.


with a label saying ‘England’.
‘Destory at once.’
I’ll try not to think there’s nothing instead of it inside.

‘Substance, or the unthought.’
Aristotle considered this untranslatable remark one of Dichotomedes’ ‘rebukes’ to
philosophy. ‘Contaminated with purity’ was another.

A diary without dates might not want dimension although uniform as cuneiform and
precipitous as precious by definition.

‘Substance, or confusion,’ said Dichotomedes, ‘still itself.’

So much for waterfalls sketched from the life or imagined.
Poetry when jumping the firewall rhymes.
A longueur’s any lounger’s pitfall.
The objectionable flickering as Zilver as a frozen lake with a label attached that week
there was a lull which says ‘Resign’.