David Kennedy
Found on a Flipchart
West House Anthology

The world is open for business
and you have the key chipped to scan
today’s careful balance between
core brand and local offering
as you step up to the plate repping
your rep in three or four keywords
to major franchise partners use
while among rather than whilst
amongst and feelings should always
be in figures e.g. 3 percent
allow yourself free rein to bid
up your expectations he won’t
know what speed you like what pressure
and in what order so get him
to watch put his hand over yours
so he can feel what you’re doing
you will need to act quickly as
it can take three to five years
to develop a population
show your pleasure when he gets it
right look over there a skills gap
analysis in an undershopped
but affluent market without
moving your lips or acquiring
the right tools to identify
overtraining remember one
brand wardrobes no longer exist
past decade low fidelity
levels increased participation
for killers labour intensive
cut is outsourced keep these up
unfortunately this payment option
cannot be offered to share fishermen