Karen Mac Cormack
from Implexures Vol. II
West House Anthology

And there, as far as the twentieth century is concerned, the matter ends. — Susan Hicks Beach


Insight and incite as a co-existence mutually erupting. Dateless. If a given environment
could function to more resemble neurons firing, variable and multiple configurations
envelop us swayingly, an oscillation to wake to. In the 14th century saddles were “exactly
similar” for women and men in the shape of an “armchair,” to be ridden in “astride” as
was then the custom for both sexes.

My first visit to the cinema was an entrance into black and white, enlivened by eventual
Technicolor. (In November, 1895 Louis Jean and Auguste Lumière publicly screened films
for the first time in Paris. These four short, “plotless sequences” ended with a train
coming at the camera, and “terrified” the audience.) Oh, Ivanhoe.

Today, we went down early to Adonis’s to help prepare the Easter dinner. We took turns rotating the
spit with the goat on it & the 2 others with a sort of shish kebab of liver, etc. bound by god knows what,
over the fire out in the garden. Adonis’s 2 other sons were home for Easter & it was with them that we
did this. We’d bought a bottle of vermouth (Susan said it would be the most appreciated gift) and
Stavroula nearly fainted, saying it was much too much, but she was very pleased nonetheless. We all sat
down in their kitchen (3 sons, 1 daughter, the grandfather whose wife died a few weeks ago, [Adonis’s
mother, actually], Adonis, Stavroula, and us). There was salad, homemade goat cream cheese, homemade
goat Gouda-‘ish’ cheese, bread, brightly painted hard-boiled eggs which you smash with your neighbour,
goat, shish kebab, wine, & lots of fruit. It was lovely. They were so generous & Stavroula was
exceedingly happy what with all her children around her and she kept pouring food on our plates &
telling us what everything was in Greek & generally was a wonderful hostess. Adonis contented himself
with toasting everyone constantly & shouting “Viva!” at the top of his lungs & pouring enough wine to
drown the house in (fortunately I drank very slowly). It was great fun.
(Naxos, Greece, 25 April 76)

It was Pepys who formed the only recorded pivot between her own Gregorie forebears
and Susan Christian’s husband’s family, as Pepys visited William Hicks at Ruckholt in
1665, (and also corresponded with David Gregorie II). He was “only pleased by a very
fine picture . . . by Vandike,” not mentioned by John Evelyn following his visit (to
as he wrote in his diary 28 May 1659) “ . . . where there was a great feast and
much company. It is a melancholy old house environed with trees and rooks —”.

Camels apparently evolved in North America some ten million years in the past but died
out approximately eight thousand years ago. This information gives rise to imagined new
routes through the Anza-Borrego Desert towards Tucson or the more northern Oasis of
Mara, a 21st century caravan incorporating new technologies. The origin of inkling (that
subtle hint or slight knowledge) is unknown but the Middle English inkle means “to utter
in an undertone.”

Experience of duration as watercolour flowing on paper, no forced boundary, yet other
times the assertion of an angled line parcels the minutes or hours with decisive finale into
an episode. May more of these hours be unhurried as intuition is a dimension to explore.
Wordsworth’s son John married Isabella and John Curwen Christian’s granddaughter,
another Isabella.

The vista when viewed by this subject is always accompanied . . . by that question of
what constitutes the vista beyond itself. A tourist is content to take the perfect picture
before returning to the hotel while the traveller is already beyond enroute. My father
described the curvature of the earth to me as seen when on horse-back in the Canadian
west. Even this vast country didn’t seem to accommodate his extraordinary desire for
solitary space.

3 September 1189 . . . in the Statute of Westminster written in 1275 it’s stated that no
evidence or testimony may be brought forth, nor witness examined, from before this
date, which is known as the limit of Legal Memory.