David Rees
Johnny, Gianni, Johnny
West House Anthology
The speakers behind us, and johnny spoke.
The noise under them like water behind us,
(We and to the loudspeaker of the back part of johnny.
How much for the noise of or the water of our back part )

just breathing, spoke the noise,
columns fell like water does.
(almost to cause the one that one breathes, underneath how much for the noise of
or and to the column, the ray as the water were.)

Only just breathing lightly,
and columns fell like a stone does.
(The breathing or the column almost did not have been
underneath lightly like this rock simply.)

Only overflowed lightly,
and his best friend like a stone.
(Lightly and the following friend
for overflow as soon as it presumes the rock.)

A bad boat overflowed with water
and his best friend wrote his name.
(It had overflow of the water in the imperfect boat,
the friend next to it wrote the name.)

A bad boat, trip, trip, trip with water
and with bright cloth wrote his name.
(The imperfect boat of the water, to travel, to travel and to travel
and of the shining cloth wrote the name.)

The big show, trip, trip, trip on the steps
with bright cloth winding up the big show.
(Exhibition, change and to travel that they are great, to the route of the point
that uses the balance that with the respect to the cloth of the great exhibition is shining.)

The speakers on the steps,
and johnny winding up under them.
(It registers those in the loudspeaker of the average of the balance
with respect to the point and johnny.)

main text: rome, july 2003
(altavista mix: london, august 2003)

thanks to harry gilonis and altavista