Glenn Storhaug
letters pressed from silver to blue
West House Anthology
          brush of
          limbs on
          linen the
          lie of
          long legs limns
          lines of longing
          pressed from a bed
          whose forme
          prints every sheet
          of pillow talk
          with fresh scatters
          of hair, form still warm
          from the scattering hare
          who slept all night
          with open eye


Phoenicians shipped the consonants
and Greeks threw in the vowels

the alphabet     a silver net
to catch each word
                    sung out
     of the blue
               of the wine-black
throat of the sea


‘Queen’s metal plating, which the moonlight forms
on the bottle-green Sea / the water bright,
but the Green of the water not bright’

     [alloy for teapots etc.
or did Coleridge recall,
tenth day at sea, how
had softened or hardened
     every word of his printed?]

‘made a different colour
     from its natural blue whiteness’


          each letter salvaged
                      each word
          hand picked
                      for distribution
          until the case is closed