Thomas Swan (1653-80)
Hic Jacet
West House Anthology

Thus at their shady lodge arrived
only of grass clung to a mold of clay
but as it hurled to this one place
the world managed in its finite parts
to mime infinity—a glass contrived
artfully placed to show the world its face

                    (from Worcester City Records Office MS. 9583,
                     previously unpublished. The poem appears on a leaf torn
                     from a notebook; on the verso there is a note, either a draft
                     of a letter or a diary entry
: William has come fr:
                     Malverne wher he got a tincture of St Anneswell.
                     Was tolde that spryncked in the orchard it wd
                     duble yelde. Its drinking does wonderfullie ease
                     my melancholy.)